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Children and their teacher interacting at the E. John Gavras Center pre-school

Getting a child ready to be successful in school is one of the most important jobs parents of young children have.

This charge calls our attention to two things: (1) that parents of young children have the extra burden of finding quality, affordable care for their kids until they are of school age, and (2) that high-quality child care and pre-school can be a significant component of preparing a child to be ready to learn and socialize by the time they enter kindergarten.

Fortunately in Cayuga County, there are many quality daycare and pre-school options for parents. A wonderful resource to help you get started is Child Care Solutions, which is staffed with specialists who can help match you with an appropriate child care service in your community. They serve both Cayuga and Onondaga Counties.

Several ABC Cayuga partners are key players in Cayuga County in terms of providing child care services and pre-school classes. Neighborhood House, for instance, welcomes children ages 6 weeks to 5 years in the full-time daycare program, as well as school-age children, before and after school, ages 5 to 12. There's also a summer program for school-age children. And Neighborhood House offers Universal Pre-Kindergarten during both morning and afternoon as part of the Auburn Enlarged City School District. There's also a child care center at BOCES.

Popular options for pre-school include the YMCA, the E. John Gavras Center, and which each have a range of program that might be right for your child.

Some parents may also qualify for the federally subsidized Head Start program, administered locally by the Cayuga-Seneca Community Action Agency. The agency runs licensed Head Start programs in Auburn, Southern Cayuga, Cato, and Moravia.



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