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CCC Family Fun Day 2When faced with a medical, fire or police emergency, call 911 immediately! But what about those times when there is a legitimate emergency-- your child is hungry and you can't afford food; you have to start a new job but you can't find suitable child care; you've moved to a new place and are worried that the old peeling paint might contain lead -- that's not the type of emergency the police or fire department can help you with?

Getting those basic needs met is the first step in raising a happy, healthy family. Fortunately, Auburn and Cayuga County have a rich variety of resources and services in this area, and it's our goal to help connect you to those services and make them easy to find. 

We've divided the "Get Support" resource section of this site into four areas. Under "Food" you will find links to the essential programs such as WIC, which administers an supplemental food program for women, infants and children, as well as links to local food pantries, soup kitchens and other resources. Under "Shelter" you'll find resources to help you get a roof over your head. "Safety" has information on how to get your home tested for lead, whom to call if you suspect child abuse (again, call 911 if you suspect anyone of being in danger), and numbers for poison control and other safety resources. We've also got a separate page for "Child Care" since that is something so many families need.


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