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Parents at one of the Auburn Community Cafes get a chance to meet and talk with others raising children in Cayuga County.

Feeling isolated is one of the most common problems new parents face. Friends who don't have kids often become harder to connect with, and, even when your friends try to be helpful, they often times fail to grasp just how demanding it can be as a new parent.

Moreover, research has shown that one of the things that builds our resiliency and makes us successful are our social connections. You never know when you might need a ride somewhere, or someone to cover for you if you have a sick kid. And you never know who might be in a position to help. The more people you know who can relate to you and who have the skills needed to help, the better off you'll be.

That's why ABC Cayuga is dedicated to supporting the volunteer parents who organize and run the monthly Auburn Community Cafes, an innovative, exciting, free programs that brings parents together to have meaningful conversations about raising kids in Auburn and Cayuga County in the 21st Century. The Cafes -- which also feature a hot meal every month as well as free child care and easy, convenient parking -- are the ideal place for parents to connect with each other in a relaxed-but-meaningful way.

You can read all about the last Cafe on our blog. Also check out this great piece on the November Cafe in the Citizen.

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